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Tiu n : god of war and sky; counterpart of Norse Tyr

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Esperanto ti- (demonstrative correlative prefix) + -u (correlative suffix of individuals)


rfc-header Correlative tiu (plural tiuj, accusative singular tiun, accusative plural tiujn)
  1. that [one/person] (demonstrative correlative of individuals)
    As with other demonstrative correlatives in Esperanto, tiu can be combined with ĉi, the adverbial particle of proximity, or with for, the adverbial particle of distance. Tiu ĉi thus means this [here] [one/person] and tiu for means that [distant] [one/person].



  1. a score (twenty)


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Tiu is a proper name that has two meanings:
  • Tiu (pharaoh) (4th millennium BC), the first (predynastic) Pharaoh of Lower Egypt
  • Tyr, as the Old English name for the Sky-God of Norse Mythology
  • Tiu, in Cantonese Language, carries the same meaning as "Fuck"
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